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The primary purpose of Third Chance Inc. is to raise the economic, educational and social levels of the community, particularly those who are substantially unemployed, underemployed, or whose income is below federal poverty guidelines. Additionally, focusing on fostering and promoting community-wide interest and concern for the problems of said residents to allow;

(a) educational and economic opportunities to be expanded,

(b) sickness, poverty, crime, and environmental degradation may be lessened,

(c) racial tensions, prejudice, discrimination may be eliminated.

Third Chance Inc., Sponsored Projects

Mother Eve Children

Mother Eve Ministry

Zambia, Africa

Providing support for An Effective Good And Competitive Learning Environment for Quality Academic, Moral, Spiritual, Emotional and Social Educational Value to a child.

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The Lazarus Project

Our mission is to extend a hand of hope and healing to the veterans of our community by saying Welcome Home.

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Outreach Food Packaging Event

A food packaging event is a cooperative effort between Outreach and a sponsor which produces dried non-perishable meals to be distributed to starving people locally as well as internationally.

This is accomplished by the sponsor hosting the event utilizing volunteers to convert the bulk foods into packages of six meals each and pack them in boxes suitable for shipping anywhere in the world.

Gregg Chapel AME is the host site for the 2017 Okaloosa event. For more information, please visit   https://WWW.FEEDTHENEED.LIFE/

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